As a Christian: Kindness Rules... Even when you have PTSD

Even before I became a Christian, I always felt better when I helped someone else. It didn't matter what I was doing - working with the homeless, helping at a food bank, sending physical items to places requesting donations, going on prayer walks, etc. Honestly, it didn't matter.

While I never understood then why these things would brighten my mood and make me feel so good about myself and the world I lived in, I do now. Christ really has called us to live out our time on Earth helping others by giving freely of our time and money. After all, none of these things were ever really ours to begin with. I truly believe that all we have is a gift that's on loan for us to use to help further His kingdom. Of course, I also believe in the golden rule...

With COVID-19 being around so much and me working to start up a new ministry and some side hussles to help support this ministry, I honestly haven't been going out as much as I have in the past. Over this past weekend though I decided to change that and attend a prayer walk my friend set up.

I am so glad I did! It honestly felt good to be out there telling hospital staff thank you and praying for the 1 gentleman who did ask for prayer. Now more than ever we need to be showing kindness, even in small ways. There are so many people who are still living in fear, wondering what's about to happen next. You can see it on their faces as they won't even look at anyone, and hear it in their voices when they do speak. As a Christian I challenge you to be different, to spread God's love, and be like Christ to the world around you. It doesn't have to be something "big," but do something little each day for someone. Christ is going to return soon and we, as His bride, not only need to be ready, but also share His message so others can be ready too.


  1. great post I agree God has called us to follow the example of Christ and show kindness to others
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    1. Yes definitely although when you have PTSD sometimes we need a reminder to do so. Our brains just tend to be wired differently so we get angry a lot faster :(


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