Life as we Know it Today...

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The world seems to have gone crazy in a hurry. People are living in a constant state of fear right now. Everybody seems to be wonder, "What's next?" "Who's going to get sick?" "Who's going to die?" "Is there enough food and toilet paper (lol) so we can survive?"

As Christians we're told not to worry...

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On one hand I agree with this but on the other hand, well... It's no secret that my brain struggles with PTSD (NO I'm not claiming this because I know God will heal it in His due time). Sometimes I have absolutely no control over what my brain decides to do. While I listened to my pastor's advice and spent Friday making preparations to isolate myself for the most part, my brain has been continuously in panic state no matter how many times I tell it to shut up.

Why is it panicking? 

What is it panicking about?

These are questions that I myself can't even answer. 

I've always had plenty of food and basic necessities. However, there was a few times I was almost homeless. Fortunately, God was looking out for me (even before I knew that He was) and I was never truly homeless.

I've never been really sick... Throughout my life time I've only been in the hospital twice.

I keep telling myself, relax, you got this. In fact, I'm wearing it on my wrist...

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Unfortunately, this isn't even keeping me calm at the moment. My service dog is working hard and thankfully I get to see my therapist tomorrow. This is a time when I KNOW God gives out special grace. I'm in total submission to Him trusting that whatever happens is part of His plan.

In short, I can't say that I have any answers. All I can recommend is self-care and lots of it. Be on your knees praying for everyone and everything that's happening. I also encourage you to do your best to react with kindness to those around you. People desperately need Jesus right now. What can you do to bring a bit of Him to them? Of course, if you have a health emergency, remember you're forgiven. We'll get through this and if anything, we can at least feel better knowing God has us.