Living with PTSD in Uncertain Times

There's no way of avoiding it... It's everywhere we turn... News about COVID 19. As a Christian with PTSD I'm struggling with my own feelings. I know that I'm not alone and that these are different from what others may be facing - especially those who don't have PTSD. If you're trying to figure out how to maintain your health throughout this time, you're not alone. Here's my take on it...

I refuse to dwell on what's going on in the world with COVID19 but I also refuse to not be educated for the Bible tells us...

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How do you seek a balance with this though? Here are a few things you may consider doing, things that I'm also trying to do myself:
  • Limit how much time you spend watching the news and browsing FaceBook. It seems that wherever we turn we're inundated with bad news today. I know it's tempting to hang on every word, but what good is this doing you? There's nothing you can do unless you're working in the medical field and even then you're limited in what you can do. 
  • Remember, you are NOT God. This ties into the first point in that you're not able to do anything about the situation. You don't have a magic wand so instead of trying to manage the world concentrate on managing your own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and reactions. Spend time praying that God will help you with these things and deal with the rest as He sees fit.
  • Remember you are NOT alone. Everyone around you is in quarantine. You're not alone with this. However, not everyone has PTSD and understands the way our brain is wired. You can't expect them to truly understand what you're going through and some people may even try to brush aside some of your strongest feelings. Remember, God will never do this. He is there and understands what you're going through. When you feel like you can't open up to anyone around you, remember you can open up to Him.
  • Trust God. I understand how hard it can be to trust when at the root of your PTSD is people. However, God loves us and this is something we must find a way to accept. It's something I still struggle with but if we continue striving He will be there to meet us wherever we are.
As I mentioned, this is my take on it. Some of us are bound to find things easier that others are struggling with. I pray that by being honest here it'll help someone. If I may ask...

How are you handling your PTSD during this uncertain time?