Turning up the Heat

Just when *I* thought that I was getting somewhere...

Just when *I* thought that I was moving on...

My therapist decided to turn up the heat on me (lol).

PTSD therapy
PTSD therapy

You see, yesterday I went into therapy (well logged onto Zoom but still lol) and was like "I've got this. I'm finally feeling better. Nothing can knock me down right now."

Then BAM! POW! I got hit with it...

"I think you should talk to your parents about what you've been through. I think we should all sit down and talk." (Please remember my parents have been part of my issues over the years).

Before this was said I'd been making decisions to move on (finally) and pick up the various pieces of my life. I thought it was time to start dating again. I thought it'd be a good idea to go work with domestic violence victims somewhere. Now I'm like, "Ummm, excuse me. What's going on? What should I be doing? How should I be doing it?"

Throughout this conversation my therapist was also able to see that I needed to work on my mantra a bit more so I started, and will continue, doing this until I see him next. 

PTSD therapy
PTSD therapy

Probably this won't happen until Tuesday as we're going on a 3 day vacation this weekend (only Friday - Sunday, but it's something we've never done so there's that...), even though I'm tempted to text him and ask for an appointment tomorrow. I think I'l wait and see... This should be an interesting turn to this journey...