Bipolar or Menopause?

Ever since being in the hospital having my endocrine crash in November/December 2018 I've been seeking a naturopathic way of healing my body's needs. Recently I slipped off of this as doctors said I was "Bipolar." While I'd fluctuated with mood swings a lot, we'd said this was the thyroid problem I'd been having all my life. (This is a huge ball of wax story for another time). Seeing that I'm in my mid-40's something hit me: Is this peri-menopause or truly Bipolar? With this resonating within me and the fact that I'd belonged to Shaklee for quite some time now, I decided now it's time to really get serious. While I'd never been terribly hard on my body, I'd never been nice to my body until recently but even then I've fallen off track numerous times.

As you can see, to the "untrained" eye, they both appear to be about the same. In my opinion, I'm going through Perimenopause and not Bipolar. It's probably also difficult to see when I'm uncomfortable with my psychiatrist but since I have a fantastic therapist, I feel stuck where I'm at. As such, I've shot off an email to my PCP doctor and anxiously await her reply.