I've been acting like a brat for at least a week now. My pastor shared this message today and then I came home and wrote this...

I'm taking you through the wilderness so you know
It's time to stop going with the flow
In you I have given birth
To you I will unearth
Greater things are yet to come
With Me alone will they come from
I have put you to the test
To remind you without Me there is no rest
You are a beautiful flower
Who I am going to shower
Give you My grace
For only with it will you win this race
Hang in there with me
And you will definitely see
There's no anger to be had
It's only a trick of the enemy to make you mad
He's trying to keep you away from Me
For you were so close to My throne of which my grace you did see
Stop believing his lie
With Me alone you'll fly
Like the birds of the field have no need to worry
When you're with Me you'll never be sorry
So take on My rest 
Come on put Me to the test
You're the daughter of a King
Through you My message will ring
Draw in again
Come on let's go for the win
When you're ready to go back
Remember what you will lack
Take a stand and let's go
From you my Word will flow
Greater things are yet to come
You know only I can truly love you like you need for from only I does true love come
Take My hand I'll make you strong
With you my presence does belong
So, let's go I love you dear child
It's going to be wild
Anything you may dispair
I alone will repair
Stand in My name
Let's get back in the game
Let's do this.... AMEN

Then I opened my phone app to this being sent as today's verse...