Stop Running!

Avoidance is a "safety technique" that those who have PTSD/CPTSD from abuse (whether as a child or in a relationship - both of which I've experienced) learn well thus becoming pretty good at using it. So, while I could sit here and ask myself why God has to continually tell me the same thing over and over again, I know why. Therefore, I'll simply share this poem that God laid on my heart this morning...

My child you need to sit still
In order to be in My will
Yet round and round you race
It's getting you no place
When will you finally learn
That it's with me you'll be firm like a fern
It's with me that you're rooted
My words to you aren't for being round and round scooted
I'm here for you to praise
My Word of salvation to others you're to raise
You haven't gone through all this strife
For nothing in your life
Don't you see I'm using you right now
Stop asking me how
Instead listen and obey
I'll show you the way
Rest in me
You'll see the victory