Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

Do you have Adrenal Fatigue? Have you even heard of it?

In 2018 I was seeing a doctor who wasn't taking my health issues seriously, simply telling me that I'm "depressed" when I wanted to get up and do things (e.g. who's depressed and still wants to get up and do laundry). He finally hospitalized me in November / December for neurological testing. Unfortunately, after a week in the hospital, his results were inconclusive. He admitted that I had:
  • A small brain aneurysm: He said that it was so small that it couldn't really harm me and my current PCP understands.
  • Tumors on my back: He said they were not bad enough to do anything. Unfortunately, he was wrong in that it is lying in just the right spot to pinch nerves if I'm not careful.
  • Small blood vessels leading to my neck: He said that they were small enough to restrict some oxygen flow to my brain - something I notice since I get seriously dizzy when I bend over.
This didn't really address anything, so I continued seeking answers. At this point I sought out a naturopath that eventually led me to my chiropractor (who was almost a full doctor when she changed paths due to personal reasons). It was my chiropractor who diagnosed me with something that few PCPs know about: Adrenal fatigue, a diagnosis that many Western practitioners don't acknowledge.

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list. There are other symptoms, which may include:
    • Weakness
    • Lightheadedness
    • Low blood pressure and body temp
    • Loss of body hair
    • Skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)
    • Upper back/neck pain for no reason
    • More likely to develop respiratory illness which linger
    • Dry skin
    • Reduced sex drive
    • Mild depression
    I believe if you have most of these symptoms, you probably have Adrenal Fatigue too. But what do you do about it? 

    What should I do if I think I have Adrenal Fatigue?

    Now it's important to understand that while I can't tell you what you *should* do, I can tell you what I have done. I know I still have a way to go because I need to be healthier still, but slow, steady steps forward are what it takes to maintain a goal. Am I perfect? No, but I'm trying to do better. 

    I started a slow daily stretching and walking routine. Some days it's easier to walk more than it is to find time to stretch. The point is that getting up and moving, even when you don't feel like it, is beneficial to your body. Even if you just start by stretching in bed, at least you're moving. These are the stretches I do when I have time to:

    I've also come to accept the fact that I'm not the best when it comes to eating healthy. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I never really learned how to cook. As such, I've added in certain vitamins only after having a full panel blood work of my body's vitamins to see where I'm lacking. This is important because you don't simply want to just do something without any guidance, especially not when it comes to your health.

    The vitamins my body was needing more of because of Adrenal Fatigue include:
    • Magnesium plays a central role in keeping your hormones balanced. It also helps diabetics absorb more insulin. Additionally, if you take it at night it's beneficial if you're having sleep issues. However, it won't work at its optimum level unless I also take:
      • Calcium Citrate is important because my body exists in a continual fight or flight state. This is why sleep is so challenging for me. By taking Calcium I'm making sure that the Magnesium works so that I can sleep.
      • Vitamin C is also important when it comes to ensuring that the Calcium works so the Magnesium works and to ensure my body doesn't get too much calcium.
      • Vitamin D also aids in the absorption of Vitamin C. It's especially important throughout the winter when I can't possibly get enough sunlight (this vitamin's most natural source).
    • Zinc is important for regulating Cortisol. This is what controls the fight or flight response. When you have high levels of Cortisol in your body, it results in Adrenal Fatigue.
    • B vitamins are very important, especially Vitamin B12 which helps your adrenal glands function. Biotin is another B Vitamin, but it has a different job: It's responsible for helping you grow and maintain healthy hair and nails.

    Why am I switching to Shaklee now? What supplements am I using?

    I'm learning that not all vitamins are created equally. This is why it's important for you not to take just any vitamins. This is something that I hadn't really looked at until now - over a year into my treatment. I hadn't realized that there was a difference between cold and hot pressed vitamins - or that these two terms actually existed. 

    Before I explain why cold press is best, let's understand what warm press is...

    You've probably already heard that too much heat, light, or humidity can negatively impact your vitamins, causing them to quickly degrade and become less effective. However, what you may not realize is that when they're manufactured in this way, the same thing happens. Hot-pressing will cook out all your vitamin's beneficial nutrients.

    This is where cold pressed manufacturing comes into play. With this manufacturing process vitamins don't lose their nutrients before arriving at your door. As such, they're of a higher quality which can be more beneficial in helping you fight toxins and boost your immunity and health. These vitamins are so potent not only because they don't use a lot of heat or pressure. As such, they're able to preserve their nutritional value, making them more potent.

    This is why I've decided to try Shaklee's vitamins. I'll be using their Osteo Matrix, B Complex, Iron with C, and Probiotics. You can use them too! Just visit their site and have them delivered to your front door to get started! Of course, I'll also be keeping you updated on my "journey" along the way as I'll be investigating these vitamins more in depth, as well as some of Shaklee's other products.

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    1. Great information. Thank you! Glad you are feeling better

      1. Thanks things were level until this past week when my thyroid decided to act up again. That's why this is a chronic condition and why I'm behind on having comments posted LOL

    2. Thanks for the information. It's really good to know. I'm glad you are getting better

      1. The scary thing is once you think you're better you can easily take a turn for the worse, which is why this is a chronic illness - once you have it you'll need to work to keep it in check for the rest of your life.

    3. Good info! I've struggled with this for years but always have been advised, sleep, sleep sleep. Thanks for the details on the vitamins! I will look into adding some of those in!

      1. Sleep is great but if your body isn't doing well then all the sleep in the world isn't going to help it because you won't be getting the right kind of sleep.

    4. What a useful article this will be to many. I am glad you have discovered something which helps you. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (as well as Lupus and a few other chronic illnesses) for numerous years now and proper nutrition certainly plays a big part in keeping on top of it all. Thanks for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday.

      1. I've got the vitamin part down but am still a work in progress when it comes to nutrition. I've been drinking more water and eating less sugar lately though so I'm getting there. Now to be able to stick to it lol

    5. It is so important to be our own best advocates when it comes to our personal health. And I have been supremely frustrated lately with the ideals of Western medicine totally discounting Eastern beliefs. I almost always start with some type of Eastern remedy before I will even visit a doctor. Shaklee offers some seriously wonderful products! I have been taking their women’s daily multi vitamin as well as using their soy protein powder for a few years and it has helped tremendously with premenopausal symptoms. We also use all of their cleaning products around our house and have eliminated all the store bought chemical cleaning products from our home. I really hope you start to see improvements soon! Thanks for linking up.


      1. It's amazing how few people know about Shaklee. Honestly just taking one of the vitamins has truly made a difference to me. I'm glad to hear how your life has been blessed by the products.

    6. Thanks for the info! I've been taking my vitamins, but I need to be more consistent with staying active.

      1. Staying active is one of the hardest things for me to do too. I so get you. All we can do is keep trying though. Right?


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