God is faithful to tell us what we need to hear when we need to hear it...

I love you child all the while
Letting you stay stuck just ain't my style
I am the Lord
That upon which you will stand is My Word
It may take time but you've already come so far
You can't afford to stop listening, stop obeying, stop trusting and following My star
A deeper more meaningful walk is what I want with thee
Slowly but surely you will see
There's more to life than the strife you've been through
The scars, yes they're part of you too
But do you know why
I chose for you to die?
Why for you I chose these scars?
It's so My miracles can be seen from afar
You've got a calling placed on your head
But right now you're choosing to run from it instead
I hear you say you're sorry
And to that I say, "You don't have to worry"
Just stop making excuses
It's not up to you to own all the abuses
To put your old self up on the shelf
I don't expect this to be a daily choice
Moment by moment, second by second is good til you fully grow and understand My voice
Stop worrying about the here and now
Instead choose to cling to My vow
I have a purpose, a use for you
So choose to me to be true
Stop lying at the heels of defeat
Lay it all at my feet
Let me pick you up and show you how
You're My child now

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