Saturday, July 4, 2020

I've been silently struggling over here trying to figure things out this week when it comes to where God wants me to live. Throughout this time I've just been saying popcorn prayers of "Where are you Lord, what are you doing." Then this morning I sit down and God answers... 

My child, you are not listening to Me
You're running wild and free when you just simply need to be...
Be still and know it's Me at work
At every single fork
Stop and let me show you the way
You don't have to go far in distance but you do need to stray
Just taking time to be away by an hour
It's going to give you so much power
You will learn to depend on me
Right now you're tired and you're running
Your attempts will never be fruitful, no matter how stunning
You need to get away
Somewhere where you can stay
Alone with Me you shall be
For the first time you'll be free
Don't be afraid to join with me and fly
In Butler you will not die
Trust Me, I go before you to show you the way
Things you think will go wrong will not go astray
Lean into Me and you will see
In the deep waters it will be "easy"
This is My desire for you here and now 
I have a plan through which I will show you how
I want to use your life
To make beauty of your strife
This is only the first step in the journey
Stop embracing others and just embrace Me
While trust is an issue for now
It's Me who's going to show you the way, the truth, the how

It's beautiful when you feel like you're at the end of your rope and God starts telling you "I'm right there with you, I'm right there for you, this is what I want, you've got this, you can do this..." He's right there just cheering you on. 

Remember! God loves you today and always. 

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