The Healing Process

Growing with the Lord, it's a process...

Just like any other growth, it'll take time. For me healing is a process that also takes time. Now I'm not saying that God isn't in the miracle working business, because He is. What I'm saying is He's choosing to take me on a journey through healing and not bless me with a miracle.

I could get angry and ask Him "Why?" but then I'd be acting like a spoiled brat and there's no time for that. Instead, He's teaching me some valuable lessons... Things like trusting in Him, growing, and standing firm on His Word. He's also taking the time to speak to me in ways unlike anytime before...

My child hold out your hand
Be willing to take a stand
Healing is on its way
But it's My Word you must first learn to obey
You've already seen how low it's possible to go
But from there upward you shall grow
Trust in me without delay
You've come so far not to obey
Step by step, moment by moment is the plan
Knowing I'm your biggest support, your biggest fan