Unusual Signs of Anxiety

 Eventually, everyone will have to deal with some type of anxiety. While it’s part of human nature to project and worry about our future when this turns destructive and begins interfering with our lives we may find ourselves dealing with an anxiety disorder. There are many common symptoms associated with that as well as some unusual ones.

Being a Perfectionist

While you may think this has to do with thinking that you’re perfect, nobody can actually perfect so you constantly find yourself chasing after an illusion. You may think that this would move you away from danger and vulnerability you’re moving towards procrastination, paralysis, and indecisiveness - all of which result in you feeling anxious. 


Sometimes being impulsive can be a positive trait. However, when you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder it ends up diminishing your rain’s ability to work in a calm and rational manner. It may also lead to overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, or other irresponsible behavior.


Now that many of us are forced to stay home because of COVID-19 attention is being drawn to people who have a tendency to hoard. Whether this is in buying too much food or too many supplies anxiety will lead you to want to control everything you can possibly control. With an anxiety disorder, you may also develop a mentality of scarcity that will lead you to blatantly disregard other people’s needs.

Scattered Thinking and Forgetfulness

It’s normal to occasionally find yourself walking into a room only then to wonder why you’re there. You may even forget an important phone number occasionally. However, when you find yourself doing this frequently it’s possible that anxiety has taken up too much room in your head. When this happens it can also disrupt your sleep. This will in turn mess with your cognition and create a vicious cycle. You may even become so distracted by your thoughts that you find yourself wondering if you have ADHD.

Thinking too Much

There are a lot of people who are overthinkers. These people can become so obsessed with a thought that they want to learn everything they can about it - to the point they can’t change topics in a conversation. Oftentimes this is an attempt to gain some type of control even though you know you have a limited amount of influence. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about things and create plans of action, but doing so shouldn’t overtake your life.


Oftentimes people who have an anxiety disorder will feel wound up both mentally and emotionally. Just getting up in the morning may feel like a monumental task for them. While these feelings may be associated with anxiety, feeling them for a prolonged period of time will leave you feeling exhausted. This type of stress and exhaustion can be detrimental to your body and result in other health issues if you don’t get it back in check relatively soon.


It’s important to understand that fear in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many times fear may even be helpful. However, you must also pause to realize that there are times when fear extends its purpose. For instance, fear can sometimes cause us not to make friends or develop a romantic relationship. It may also keep us in a rigid, boring lifestyle because we’re afraid to try something new or different.

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