Black and White with a Little Room for Gray

This title came to me in the middle of the night. For some reason, that's my favorite time to pray. Of course, in the stillness of the night is also when I can hear my Heavenly Father speak to me the best.

Last night I was thinking and praying about two things: My daughter and my future.

My Daughter

My daughter is transexual ftm (female to male). His name is Adrian.
There, I said it. This is something that I've been brought up to believe is wrong - so much so that my parents (if they were deceased) would be rolling in their graves. However, my son is a great kid and there are studies that show that homosexuality is an illness. It's also important to understand that the Bible doesn't say anything either way about sexuality because it wasn't something that was talked about in those days. The one thing that the Bible does say is that God is the only judge and that we'll be judged in the same manner as we judge others.

I'm proud of my son and everything he's become today. He has a bright future ahead of him. I'm not entering into a debate as to whether he's living in sin - that's between him and God. However, I will continue to pray for him and be the supportive parent he needs in his life. 

My Future

Another thing that came to me last night was just how blessed I am to have found the path that God has set out before me. I won't say that this has come easy but I'm starting to see what God wants me to do and who He wants me to be. Let me explain...

I've worked for 10+ years as a freelance writer. Over this time I've had the opportunity to hone my skills in both research and writing. I've also seen friends and colleagues find success in ways that I hadn't. Admittedly, I was a bit jealous of them. Now that I look back on where I've been and what the obstacles I've overcome along the way I see that God was preparing me for such a time as this.

I can see the path that God has laid out before me, starting with this blog. At one point I was so enthralled with making money and getting likes that I forgot that this blog was meant to share my journey with PTSD (and now fibromyalgia). I created this as a ministry to help others see that they too can be overcomers in Christ Jesus.

Now that I've returned this blog to its original purpose I'm seeing my calling develop and take me deeper. Not only am I in school working on my masters in theology (yes, I'd originally planned on going into pastoral counseling but the Lord showed me it wasn't right for me) but I'm also seeking out opportunities to work for and be published in Christian magazines and other literary venues. I know that I'm on the right path because I've been watching the Lord open doors for me. Where He takes me from here we'll wait and see together.

Until next time, Stay strong,