Called to be an Apostle


I've always heard of the church's 5 fold ministry and where I belong here. This may sound strange but I've known since high school that I was called to ministry. Unfortunately, that's a call that I've frequently ignored or ran away from but I've decided that won't happen anymore.

I told my son yesterday that I'm having a midlife crisis in my own way. Now that I finally have the opportunity to work on getting my Masters in Theology I've also started to try to get to know myself better. I'm digging in deep as I embark on a new journey in my life - one that I'm letting God lead me on. So, instead of having a mental breakdown as my midlife crisis I'm taking the time to rebuild me.

I've looked back on things and can see that even though I haven't been on God's intended path for my life I have been learning things He wants to use in my life now. As a freelance writer I've learned a lot of different skills that most Christian writers simply don't have. This is because I've learned these things in the trenches instead of in the classroom. Yet, I still seek confirmation that this is true which is why I decided to look into the 5 fold ministry and take a quiz (similar to a spiritual gifts test) to see where I belong.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that I've been called to be an apostle. I knew that teaching and pastoring weren't where I felt God leading me. I firmly believe that He wants me to get my Masters/Doctorate to use my writing to encourage others. This is part of the gift of an Apostle. It's also further affirmation that I'm heading where He's calling this time. My only prayer is that I don't get lost or struggle to believe that God has equipped me for this ministry. Fortunately, He's also been helping me to build my tribe around me to support me in my moments of weakness when I've turned to Him and I still feel the need for humans to encourage me.

Until next time, Be strong,