My Mind... My Playground

There are several things going through my head today, thankfully not all at once.

  1. Things I'm thankful for... I'm in a life coaching group for fibromyalgia but honestly this lady could help anyone, she's so gifted. I've only watched two of her videos (I'm a little behind here and with school right now) but I've gained so much. I'm starting to see things differently and be more optimistic than pessimistic. This morning she asked us to list three things that we're thankful for. Here's my list:
    • My son. While he has his issues and his own life he still does his best to take care of me. He makes me a great meal once a day and keeps our apartment clean so I don't have to.
    • My apartment.  Ever since my son was really young we were always moving and it seemed that our housing conditions continually declined. While I was doing the best I could to maintain us we were living in an area that was too expensive for us but my parents had such a grip on us that I thought we had no other choice. Last summer (2020) I moved to Butler and my son has since followed. Here we have a one bedroom apartment with a breakfast nook that we converted into his bedroom. We also have a screened in porch and a front yard for the dogs to run in while they're on a long lead. This is so much better than the studio apartment we were sharing with a tiny kitchen and a barely functioning hole in the wall for a bathroom and guess what... We're paying the same price!
    • The path God has me on now. This week I took some time to think about where I'm heading with school and all the past work I have "under my belt." I realized that my 10+ years of freelancing (every job and every client) weren't for nothing. They were meant to help prepare me for this path that God has me on now leading into my future. I wasn't ready for this path and its responsibilities back then but God has taken the time to prepare me for this moment and He won't let me down as long as I rest in Him.
  2. What God downloaded into my spirit has been affirmed... This path that I was just talking about and how I've been prepared for it was affirmed with basically the same words that were used in my life coach's video that I watched this morning. I know I don't need affirmation to trust in God but, at the same time, God knows I need the affirmation so He provided it for me because He cares so much about me.
  3. Rest isn't for the weary... All my life this is something I'd thought was true: I thought I had to be the strong one, taking a second seat, so I could take care of everyone else. Now it's my turn to take care of myself. I'm still learning how to do this but one moment at a time... I've even downloaded some apps to help me with this.
  4. Writing in my sleep... Funny as this sounds I've discovered that I do some of my best writing in my sleep. I think I mentioned that I've been praying when I wake up at night. What I didn't mention is that I've also been working on a few articles in my head. In doing so I've discovered that I come up with some of my best lines at this time and that I also haven't needed sleeping pills for many nights now (Thank God!).

This is my mind... My playground... Thanks for letting me share it with you today. Hopefully it helps you in some small way.

Until next time, Stay strong,