One Heck of a Roller Coaster Ride


Unfortunately, this has pretty much described the way my life has been going lately. There have been plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns. I'm blessed by the fact that I have a great brain and that I've been able to find opportunities to use it while also attending school for my Masters. Unfortunately, this chronic illness is a part of my life but I refuse to let it win.

It's been about 8 years since I was first told that I had fibro. It's only been about a month that I've started feeling it impacting how I feel each day. Throughout this month I've discovered that none of the "traditional" medications that are used for managing this chronic illness (e.g. the psychiatrist doesn't want to change my medications, I've tried other medications in the past with bad results, I can't take muscle relaxers because I have stomach issues). While I will see a neurologist at the end of the month, I am about to throw in my towel. Instead of giving up, I'm looking for natural ways to help myself.

My life has always been filled with these types of twists and turns. It's something you'd think I'd be use to by now. Unfortunately, I don't think it's something I'll ever get used to. It's not going to stop me from living my best life though. With God in my corner I know...

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength ~ Phil 4:13

While this may sound trite to some people, I don't mean it to be. I don't mean that I'm going to lay down and take it, letting Satan win this battle. No! God has done too much for and through my life for me to give up that easily now. 

I truly believe that there's a lesson to be learned from all of this. Leaning on Him is only the beginning of it though. I also feel that while I may not be able to take Western medications there's something out there that will help me and God will reveal it to me in due time. I know He's definitely telling me that Western medications aren't for me in this area of my life so while I may get down and complain sometimes I'm keeping the faith and believing that God is going to help me find what will work.

Until next time, Stay strong,
~ Bre