There's Healing in Jesus' Name

They conquered him completely 
through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of his testimony. 
They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, 
even when faced with death. ~ Revelation 12:11

I started this blog when I first knew for certain that PTSD. Back then I even admitted that I didn't know where the Lord was leading me but He gave me the domain and asked me to trust Him enough to lead. I chose to obey. Throughout this time God has taken me through many ups and downs that I've shared with you - and yet God was still faithful. At times I would get so stuck in fight or flight that I'd dissociate. 

This past summer God told me it was time to start getting my life together. Although I'm a middle-aged woman I've never been able to do what I wanted or what God called me to do. I come from an abusive background and then had to raise my now 20yo son on my own (I didn't know God back then). While I was on disability I still had to work and thankfully that was from home. On top of all this, I also have health problems.

Fast forward to now...

I can sit here and tell you God has healed my PTSD. I'm no longer in therapy. Instead, I feel like I'm in a great place and my PTSD isn't an issue for me. I can function even through difficult times. In fact, I've even grown a backbone lol 

It's taken a lot of hard work but God enabled me to put in the time and effort. I'm still on medications due to the way that PTSD changes your brain - something you can never change back (like a person with an amputation needs their brace, I need my mental brace although my true anchor is God).

I'm not really sure when the shift changed but it did and for that I'm thankful. I still spend time journaling, praying, and reading God's Word but this is the best I've been in years. I even had a therapist look at me and be like "You don't need help, you're fine" lol

I say none of this to brag but to say God heals. I've seen Him do it in others' lives and now I've seen Him do it in my life. Blessed be His name forever and ever AMEN

Until next time, Stay strong,
~ Bre