God's Asking You to Surrender

I can't say much because this message from God speaks for itself today... 

"Trusting that You will make all things right if I surrender to Your will;" ~ The Serenity Prayer

Begin to draw near
There's nothing to fear
I have everything you need
If only you'll heed
Your will your love your everything
So together we can turn it into something
Submission is the greatest calling you have
So don't just give me half
You act as if you already know
What in the end I can only show
I have a great plan for your life
To bring you great prosperity and not strife
Choose you this day who you will serve
It will take submission if from my plan you do not want to swerve
I have you dear child so there's nothing to fear
With submission you'll only draw near
Come to my throne
You'll never be alone
Submission is what I require
Without it you'll only tire
Here I wait at the Golden gate
For you to choose your fate
Will you submit to me today?

Until next time, Stay strong,

~ Bre