Knowing God


Have you ever paused to think about what an incredible privilege it is to know God? 

I'm sitting here in awe of the fact that the creator of the universe has chosen to make Himself known to us. He didn't have to tell us anything about Himself. It would have been easy to create us and then step back and watch as we created our own demise. Yet, He chose not to let this happen. Instead, He chose to share Himself with us.

There are so many ways we can see God. While many believe that the only way is through the Bible, this just isn't so. 

  • Take a moment to look around you at creation and its many intricacies. Who could have created this but God?
  • Many miracles happen each and every day. Think about babies being born, for instance. Who could have made this happen but God?
  • Consider how humanity is created. Take a look at how you're made. In Genesis 1:27, we're told that we're made in God's image. When you look at yourself, what do you see?
  • Think about your own conscience. There are many things you know that God has taught you. When you think about the things that are "right," you know more about God's character. What have your thoughts said that align with God's Word?
  • Prophecies and tongues are still active gifts of God today. When they align with the Bible, you know they're true. What have you learned about God in this way?
No wonder we're told, "What should it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world but lose his soul?" (Mark 8:36). There's so much to live for. So much to be thankful for. I'm glad I'm a daughter of the King.

~ Until next time, stay strong,