It's About Trusting God in All Things

I trust God but I still worry.

How true is this for you? I know it’s something I struggle with frequently. While I know that I can trust God for everything, my mind is still set on worrying.

If anyone asks me, I say that I trust God from the bottom of my heart. So, why don’t I rest assured of this even in the difficult times? Shouldn’t what I say and do on the outside match what I believe on the inside?

Why don’t we trust God for all our needs?

I feel that with all God has done for me the least I could do is trust Him, even in difficult times. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to do so. There are several reasons for this:

I’m afraid of relinquishing control over my life and yet repeatedly throughout His Word God tells us “do not fear.” Sure, some things are going to fall apart. I need to remember that those are the things that God never intended to remain in my life in the first place. Even if I fall apart, it’s because God wants my true identity in Him to be transparent for the whole world to see.

I come from a dysfunctional family that taught me I couldn’t trust anyone. Even my first relationship ended in betrayal. Unfortunately, most of these negative experiences were caused by the men in my life (not that my mother was much better) so it’s hard for me to relate to God as the good, good Father He is. Instead, I feel like I need to be perfect to please Him.

How can we trust God for all our needs?

I not only need to learn to trust God that He knows best but I also need to trust that He is in control. Time and time again I need to be reminded that God has shown in His Word that He’s trustworthy. While it’s challenging for me to “let go and let God,” if I come to Him in prayer and ask for help with this He is faithful to both hear and answer my prayer. He won’t withhold anything good for me. So, in the words of Mark 9:24, let us cry out,  “I do believe, Lord; help my little faith!”

Until next time, Stay strong,

~ Bre